Make A Difference In A Child's Life
You can help us achieve our mission to provide essential medical and educational support to the underprivileged children of Belize.
Have an impact in thier lives, and make their futures brighter with your gracious donation.
Our Organization
School Bells, Inc, a 501(c) 3 non-profit humanitarian organization was founded in 2003 with the mission to serve and provide essential life skills, educational support, economic growth, and health services for underserved communities. School Bells, Inc. accomplishes these goals through a variety of programs geared toward uplifting communities. School Bells, Inc. is dedicated to providing educational and medical services to Belize and her many villages.
Why School Bells Exists
In 1998 during a trip to Belize Central America, I was invited to visit a few of the villages' schools. To my dismay I found that academic materials and basic school supplies were completely scarce. Despite its’ unique educational system, most schools lacked libraries and computers to meet the needs of today’s educational standards. Upon my return to the United States, images of the less fortunate schools replayed throughout my thoughts raising the question:
"What could I do about it?"
From this question, School Bells was created.
Our Faculty
Yvonne Bridges
Our Policy
Founder, Yvonne Bridges was moved by the many Belize schools and students who still today lack the necessary basic school supplies, library books, and other basic teaching equipment. There are children with worms and skin disease, who are malnourished. Children are going to school without a breakfast or lunch. Many adults and children have significant tooth decay. School Bells, Inc. is committed in helping these families and children in education and health. The organization is set up to function with volunteers, donations, fund-raiser, supporters, and partners. The funds will not be diverted into administration salaries. All funds will benefit those who we serve through the School Bells, Inc. projects. Our goal is to bring positive changes to impoverished families through our educational and healthcare programs. Volunteers and funds are always needed.
Thank You
We would like to say thank you to all of our past, present, and future donors and volunteers who have helped us make School Bells, Inc. a success. Because without you, so many children would continue to go without vital educational and medical services they need.